Emergency Contraception

Have you recently engaged in unprotected sex? Maybe the condom broke or your method of birth control was unavailable. Or perhaps you both got caught up in the “heat of the moment”. Very often individuals will consider emergency contraception during these situations or when concerned about the possibility of pregnancy. You may recognize these product names as Plan B One Step®or ella® also called “morning-after pill”.

You may be wondering about the safety and effectiveness of these medications. These products may work by delaying ovulation, blocking sperm from the egg or preventing a fertilized egg from actually implanting in the uterus. There are however potential risks and side effects in using these drugs.

Find out more about the morning-after pill or ella ( please connect hidden hyperlink here to http://pregnancydecisionline.org/questions/the-morning-after-pill/ and http://pregnancydecisionline.org/questions/ella/

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