Abortion Information Tannersville-Reeders, PA

We inform. You decide.

Abortion Information Tannersville-Reeders, PA

We inform. You decide.

Abortion Information Tannersville-Reeders, PA

If you are considering an abortion, you’ll want to ask yourself some questions to decide if abortion is right for you.

  • Have I researched all my options?
  • Do I understand the potential risks involved with abortion?
  • Have I discussed my situation with someone I can trust?
  • Have I had an ultrasound to determine viability and how far along I am?
  • Do I fully understand the type of abortion procedure I would need?
  • Does the abortion physician performing my procedure have admitting privileges to a local hospital?

When you come to Pregnancy Resource Center near Tannersville-Reeders, we will present you with all the options that are available to you.

Our staff and licensed medical team can help you navigate through these and other questions you may have.

Verify your pregnancy

Before getting any type of abortion, you first need to know if you are actually pregnant. Even if you have pregnancy symptoms or have taken a home test, you may want help verifying your pregnancy. Pregnancy Resource Center provides laboratory-quality pregnancy testing that is 99% accurate and we offer a limited OB ultrasound at no cost to confirm the viability of your pregnancy (meaning there is a heartbeat and the pregnancy is located in the uterus) and to determine how far along you are near Tannersville-Reeders.

Abortion InfoTannersville-Reeders 18372, 18352

 The village of Tannersville, in Pocono

Township, Pennsylvania, is the site of the popular Camelback Ski Area and Camelbeach Waterpark. Reeders is an unincorporated community in Jackson Township in Monroe CountyPennsylvania, United States. Reeders is located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Route 715 and Reeders Run Road.

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“What I liked best is sitting down and being able to talk about my options and viewpoints.”

pregnant in school

“I like how they treated me like a person and not a patient.”

“I was heard. I was told all my options and was encouraged to look at them clearly.”

Questions about your appointment?

A: So our team can best serve you, we ask that you make an appointment.

A: Most of our appointments take about 60-75 minutes from start to finish.

A: All our services are completely free for you. No insurance needed!

A: Ordinarily yes, however, due to COVID-19 we are limiting the number of people in our facility. Please call before your appointment and ask our staff.